July 5, 2016

Window Installation 101: Basic Facts You Need to Know About Cladding

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Home remodeling or renovation projects aim to enhance the overall beauty, longevity, and efficiency of a house’s structure—inside and out. And one essential component of homes in Arlington Heights, IL or nearby areas that serves both interior and exterior living spaces is the windows. Therefore, you can’t forego a new window installation or replacement if you’re hoping to boost your ageing home’s looks and performance.

While browsing through the window replacement products offered by established companies such as Muller Exteriors Inc., you’re sure to encounter the term “cladding”, which you may or may not choose to invest in for your new windows. However, if durable windows that can withstand storm damage, hail, and other harsh external elements are your goal, window cladding can be worth your while. Here are some facts for you to consider:

What is window cladding?

Also referred to as window wrapping or clapping, window cladding is the application of a certain window material over another as an effective weatherproofing solution. If your existing windows are still in tiptop shape, you can simply purchase window cladding from local home improvement or hardware stores and have them installed. Otherwise, opt for new windows that are already come with high-quality cladding. Your chosen cladding should complement the window frame and it must be sealed to the glass, usually with silicone sealant, so as to keep water from seeping into the frame.

What are the benefits of window cladding?

As mentioned above, improving a window’s weather resistance is the primary purpose of cladding. Other than directing water and wind off a window,  cladding also protects the window casing’s structure. Damage protection for the window frame and wall structure is achieved with cladding when it is properly installed on the exterior or at the top of the window frame. Finally, window cladding decreases the incidence of drafts and reduces energy costs as it serves as an added barrier, protecting the interior from weather elements.

What are the different types of cladding?

There was a time when wood was the only material for cladding, but homeowners can now benefit from the durability and cost-efficiency of aluminum and vinyl. Wood clad windows are great for homes that require a classic or “antique” look. For homes that need windows that coincide with a contemporary design theme, vinyl and aluminum are the commonly chosen materials. Vinyl cladding comes in a wide range of colors and can be made to resemble wood. Aluminum cladding, meanwhile, is a popular option that is just as strong and efficient as vinyl but is mainly advantageous for areas that are prone to heavy precipitation.


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