August 21, 2020

Warning Signs You Need a New Roof and the Roof Replacement Options You Have

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Expensive projects such as roof replacement require serious consideration. The last thing you want is to replace a roof that still has many years in its functional lifespan. Even if you have the budget, it’s not an excuse to make a thoughtless decision that you’ll most likely regret down the road.

Your best option is to consult with a trusted roof repair company in Chicago, such as Muller Exteriors, to make an informed decision. But it also pays to know a thing or two about roof replacement, so make it a point to do some research. This way, when you consult with a roofing expert, you can skip the basics and move on to the tricky part, which is most critical to the decision-making.

How can you tell when you need a new roof?

Like how you listen to the sound your car makes in order to identify issues that might put you at risk on the road, you should observe the changes in your roofing system to determine whether or not there’s a need for full replacement. Here are some of the most apparent warning signs you need a new roof.

  • Severe Deterioration
  • – Different roofing materials deteriorate differently, so the first thing you need to do is to identify the material your roof is made of. Check out these common roofing materials and some indicators that they’re due for replacement.
    • Asphalt Shingles
    • – Signs of severe deterioration may range from curling and buckling shingles to mold and mildew growth. Granule buildup in the roof gutter may also indicate that the shingles are nearing the end of their functional life. The granules used to make up the crust of the shingles, which serves as their shield.
    • Metal
    • – What kind of metal is your roof made of? If it’s galvanized steel, you can tell how much it has deteriorated by the amount of rust present on its surface and within its cross-section. You may even find holes on different corners, which suggest advance corrosion. If you roof is made of copper, however, there’s nothing to worry about, because unlike steel, it doesn’t rust. The layer of dark brown to green material copper forms on its surface when exposed to air and moisture eventually serves as its shields against further corrosion.
    • Stone and Ceramic
    • – Maybe you have a slate, tile, or brick roof. In that case, you won’t see any severe wear and tear until after at least 50 years, but it can go up to a century if you maintain your roof properly.
  • Sag or Depression
  • – Inspect your roof from above and below. If you notice strange depressions on the roof’s surface, chances are there’s damage in the underlayment or the roof was poorly installed to begin with. Sometimes, the depressions are too shallow that they’re almost invisible. One way to find them is by pouring water on the roof and watching where the water flow dips or collects. As minor as it seems, this kind of damage actually indicates a major structural problem, which can only be fixed by dismantling a large portion or the entire roof.
  • Missing Shingles
  • – have you been experiencing excessive leak in your attic for some time? That’s most likely caused by a missing shingle. After all, a small crack or a loose shingle won’t cause that much water damage. One or two shingles are signs you need roof repair, but if you find more in different places, that’s a red flag that a replacement is a better option.
  • The Roof Has Reached or Exceeded Its End-Of-Life
  • – Each type of roof has an expected functional lifespan. This is often shown in the product label or description, but if you can’t find it, here’s a good reference.
    • Wood Shakes: 15 to 25 years
    • Asphalt shingles: 10 to 35 years
    • Metal: 50+ years
    • Slate: 80+ years
    • Tile: 60+ years
    • Concrete: 60+ years
    • Foam: 15 to 30 years
    • Single-Ply: 30+ years

Full Replacement or Reroofing?

Once you’re sure about replacing your roof, it’s time to decide whether to replace the entire system or simply re-roof it. Re-roofing is a modern roofing technique that involves installing a new layer of roofing materials on top of an existing one. This option is created to help minimize the material and labor costs associated with roofing installation. Before you decide to go for this option, however, there are two things you need to consider.

  1. What material is your current roof made of? If it’s made of a heavy material like tiles or slate, reroofing may not be a good idea. Not only will that put so much weight on the roof deck, but the existing roofing material is also too thick to be laid with another material.
  2. Are the trusses still strong enough? Exactly why you are replacing your roof? Is it because the covering is too old? In that case, the support frame underneath it must be old, too. There’s a risk of collapse if you put additional weight on the frame.

To be sure about your decision, consult with a roofing expert. Let them inspect your roof to see the real condition of its framework as well as the existing covering. They won’t just give you a number of options to choose from, but they will also guide you every step of the way until you make the right decision. Just make sure that the roofing expert you will hire is known across NW Suburbs and Chicago land area for their great workmanship.

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