October 15, 2020

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor and Other Essential Roofing Tips

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You will have to consider roof repair or replacement at one point or another. It may seem a simple chore, but roof repair or replacement is a costly and laborious project. Depending on the size of the project, you may need to hire a roofing contractor instead of doing it on your own. In this article, you will learn how to choose a roofing contractor, why it is crucial to hire one, and the risks involved in DIY. 

Why You Need a Roofing Contractor

Safety Precaution

Falling from a height accounts for over 42 percent of work-related deaths in the U.S. Many of the casualties are experienced workers, and yet they were exposed to the dangers of falling. Never underestimate the risks involved in roof work. Professional roofers are more equipped to do the job safely.   

Experience and Craftsmanship

Your roof protects your home and family from the elements. It has to be sturdy and durable to perform its role well, and only a professional roofer with extensive field experience can make that possible. Unless you are an experienced roofer, doing roof work on your own isn’t a good idea. 

Tools and Equipment

Professional roofing contractors also have all the right tools and equipment necessary for roof installation, repair, and maintenance. Because some of these tools and equipment have highly specific uses, investing in them may not be practical. One good example is the shingle hog, a machine for removing shingles.


Because professional local roofing companies are well-practiced, they can perform the task, make decisions, and obtain the needed materials faster. They also come as a team of well-versed and highly productive roofers so they can finish the job many times more quickly than the average worker. They use an efficient approach that eliminates repetitive steps and allows for simultaneous task execution. 

Material Quality

A trusted local roofing company like Muller Exteriors knows where to buy the best roofing materials. They have a vast network of suppliers, and they choose from a broad range of products. They can also purchase superior products at a much lower cost. 


Roofing companies usually offer warranty to guarantee their clients that they are going to do a great job. Apart from the chance of getting free repair and maintenance service for a specific timeframe, you can also rest assured that your roof is well-installed. 

What Does a Roofing Company Do?

A roof may appear simple from the outside, but if you look underneath the decking, you’ll see a complex structure consisting of various elements. Designing and building this structure require architectural expertise that a local roofing company has. Here are some of the roofing jobs they do:


While many construction companies install the roof of new construction on their own, some prefer subcontracting a roofing company. They know that a specialist can do a better job. A roofing company can also install all roofing types and designs.


When it’s time to replace your roof, better hire a roofing company. They can help you pick the right type of replacement roof and install it in no time. Top companies like Muller Exteriors even use satellite imaging to make accurate cost estimates remotely. They can replace your roof without having to enter your home.  


Roof repair, no matter how simple, is best left to professionals. As previously explained, working at heights is too risky, and there’s a chance you can damage your roof further. It’s also difficult to detect roof damage if you don’t have the proper experience. To a roofer, any type of repair is a walk in the park.   


A roofing company also provides roofing maintenance services to help prolong your roof’s functional life. Let them check the condition of your roof and carry out minor repairs at least twice a year. 

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Now that you know the importance of hiring a roofing company, it’s time to learn how to hire one. “Who are the best roofing contractors near me?” you may ask. Sifting through the long list of roofing contractors in the Chicago area can be challenging. But you can narrow it down by following these simple steps. 

  1. Learn from other people’s mistakes and triumphs. Ask for advice from loved ones, neighbors, or friends who have firsthand experience hiring a roofing company. They can tell you who to trust and who to avoid.
  2. Once you’ve shortlisted some companies, check their credentials. Research their BBB ratings and ask if they or their workers are licensed. You should also know what type of insurance they carry and what it covers. The last thing you want is to be liable for work-related accidents on your property. 
  3. Ask what technique they use to cut costs and speed up the process. Choose a company whose approach to roof installation, repair, or maintenance doesn’t involve too much intrusion in your home. You should still be able to keep your privacy regardless of the size of the project. 
  4. Sit down with your chosen roofing company to discuss the details of your roofing project. Ask for recommendations on the material and design. If you have an existing roof design, show it to them and ask if it is doable. 

 With proper research and considerations, you won’t have difficulty answering the question, “How do I find reputable roofing contractors near me?” All it takes to ensure the success of your roofing project is smart decision-making and proper communication with your roofing contractor. 


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