August 10, 2018

Early Signs that You Need to Hire a Roofing Company to Replace Your Roof

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Unfortunately, like any other structural feature of your house, your roof is destined to fall apart. It’s just a matter of time. However, you don’t have to wait for your roof to finally collapse on you before you decide to replace it. Hiring roofing contractors to dismantle the existing roof and install a new one too soon just to get rid of the anxious thought that your roof might be nearing its end wouldn’t help either. There are early signs that you can watch out for to better confirm the need for a new roof.

It’s Too Old

If you’re living in an old house that hasn’t been renovated for ages or you’ve just moved to one, chances are the roof might be on its twilight years. This would, however, depend on the material your roof is made of. If you have asphalt shingles, you can expect the roof to stay functional only up to its 25th year. More durable materials, such as tiles and slate, may last a lot longer and could give you more leeway. To be sure about the state of your roof, have a professional roofer check every corner of it. This way, you’ll get to uncover other issues with your roof aside from old age that might be enough reason to replace as well.

Mold and Moss

While some roofs are designed to allow vegetation to grow on them as a means to fight off excess heat, most roofs are not. Therefore, if you see green patches spreading on your roof’s surface, it may be a sign that a really serious problem is brewing above you. Mold and moss growth indicates that the material where they are growing is beginning to rot. Instead of getting rid of the fungus growing on your roof, consider replacing the roof altogether, and this time, choose a material that does not decompose easily.


On a bright, sunny day, go to the attic and check for streaks of sunlight passing through your roof. If you find nothing and yet the room seems suspiciously bright, it could mean that the roofing material has become too thin, possible because of wear. You can also do this test at night by simply turning on the light in the attic and looking for light passing through the roof from the outside. If you see anything warily odd, then it’s time to replace the roof.

Granules in the Gutter

It’s highly recommended to check the gutter of your roof from time to time. This way you can see if there are debris, such as fallen leaves and twigs, that might be blocking the flow path and could potential cause water to back up into your roof deck. You might be surprised to find other things that could give you an idea of the true condition of your roof. Granules, for instance, may indicate that your roof is experiencing a serious deterioration. These granules are the protective layer of the shingles, and so it wouldn’t take a genius to tell that shingles without their protective layer are exposed to all kinds of assault from nature.


While some signs can easily be put up with, there are those that gaudily indicate that your roof can no longer wait to be replaced. One of these signs is sagging. When a section of the roof starts to cave in, it means it’s not just the surface that has sustained severe damage but also the structural support underneath it. The roof has to be completely dismantled and the decking as well as the rafters replaced with new, stronger ones.

Your roof can last for as long as the manufacturer and installer promise it would if you give it proper care. However, when it’s time comes and you can no longer avoid the need to replace, don’t hesitate to call in a roofing company in Chicago. Not only will a new roof save you and your family from possible danger, but it will also help reinstate your home’s original efficiency.

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