June 22, 2016

Aftermath of a Storm: Inspect Roofing Systems for Hail Storm Damage

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Hail storms aren’t an unnatural event in Schaumburg and the rest of Illinois. Although hail storms are relatively rare, they do occur in the area. When they do occur, however, hail storms can cause millions of dollars in property damage in the area, and thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

When analyzing a roof for hail damage, it is vital to differentiate the damage caused by hailstones from the damage caused by natural wear and tear. Fortunately, the damage caused by hail stones is easy to distinguish. All you need is to know what you’re looking for. With that in mind, here are a few signs of damage you should look out for when inspecting your roofing system after a hail storm:

Dents or Bruises

Dents and bruises are very easy to spot. In fact, you don’t even need to look at the shingles; just look at any dents on metal roof vents, flashing, or gutters. If there are dents on them, there’s a good chance your some of your shingles are bruised, especially if the dents on the metal suggest that the hail stones were quite large.

Dents and bruises pose a problem because they compromise the integrity of your roof. Succeeding storms can easily turn a dent or bruise into a breach that allows water to leak into your home.

Missing Asphalt

The impact of a hail stone hitting your roof is strong enough to knock the asphalt off of your shingles. One of the best ways to check for this would be to run a finger through each shingle. Any “craters” you feel is an indication of missing asphalt. A careful look at the area will show you just how much asphalt was knocked loose.

Missing asphalt can be a big problem. The asphalt protects your roof from UV damage. When there isn’t enough asphalt to cover the actual shingle, the UV rays expedite the wear and tear your roof goes through.

The moment you notice signs of damage on your roof, do not delay calling a trusted roofing company, such as Muller Exteriors, Inc., to come and assess the extent of the damage. They can also perform any necessary repairs to help make sure your home stays protected from the elements.


How to Spot Hail Damage


How To Spot Roof Hail Damage (With Pictures)


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